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Friday, May 11, 2012

of feathers & birds…

I have taken flight!

As I said before, I’ve been enjoying some amazing art classes online recently.

Here are my first drawings I’ve done for Creativity in Flight :

These are all of the same European Roller, but each drawn slightly differently…

Pencil drawing:


Pencil sketch:

veronica_creativity in flight_week2_pencilsketch_web

Contour drawing in ink (pen & waterproof ink)

veronica_week2_contourdrawing with ink_web

Pen & ink drawing with hatching & cross-hatching:

veronica_creativity in flight_week2_cross_hatching_web

Through these drawings, I’ve discovered two three things:

1) I so enjoy drawing birds!

2) I discovered ink! I love the feel of real pen & ink drawing- that is to say I bought a bottle of ink and a pen and dipped the pen in the ink and drew. The ink glides on the paper beautifully and I love the thought of using something that has been used for centuries! (And not as messy as I thought it would be!)

3) Practice! Each time I drew this bird, it became easier. Easier to see the shapes and lines & thus quicker to get it onto the paper. Food for thought!

Chat soon,  Vxx

Monday, May 7, 2012

Jumping right in…

I have jumped into this huge big pond of art journaling. I think I’m just managing to keep my head above water as it is overwhelming the number of ideas I have swimming around in my head.

The Joynal class I am taking with Jane Davenport is all about fairies and whimsical creatures. I altered an old storybook with gesso and collage:


and have done two ‘warm-up’ pages,

A face…

Veronica_joynal_warmup drawings_face

and a full figure…

Veronica_joynal_warmup drawings_figure

It’s still quite new to me to draw out my head like this, but I am so enjoying experimenting!

Hope you all have a magical week!


Friday, May 4, 2012

Art Journaling

artist brushes vintage image graphicsfairy5

I have been absorbed into the wonderful world of art journaling. Yes that’s where I’ve been – swept away into this magical colourful place and covered in coloured pencil scribblings, watercolours, ink and acrylic paint- oh, and tons of gesso!

I’ve been busy with a few online classes this year…

I heart drawing (Jane Davenport)

I then discovered that I should have done Supplies Me first –so I went backwards…

Then Jane started a new magical class on 30 April called Joynal

These classes are so amazing and easy to follow along – click on the links to find out more.

I’ve also started 21 Secrets which features classes by 21 artists all sharing their passion for art journaling. (Jane Davenport also has a class there called “Frolicaholic”).

On Sale Now!

Then from 21 secrets I also found Gina Armfield and started an online live watercolour class called Creativity in Flight


So now you know why I haven’t blogged much – I’ve been totally carried away by the artsy fairies.

Here’s a few pics of my art journal that I’ve started with for the Joynal class with Jane Davenport. I am having loads of fun being messy while transforming this old children’s book into my new art journal…


My plan is to finish Joynal and Creativity in Flight and then go back and complete the assignments for the other classes. Well, that’s the plan. I’m trying to discipline myself so I don’t go rushing into another class quite yet.

Will be sharing some of my artwork from these two classes soon…