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Saturday, January 3, 2009


Happy New Year! Hope it's going to be a fantastic year! I plan on doing so much! Not sure if I'll ever get around to everything, but I'm sure going to try...

I plan to : blog more; decorate the house more; sort out my studio; paint more paintings; scrapbook more (paper!! - gotta use up my stash!); design a little later in the year again....

Whoo hoo....I finally managed to figure out how to add different backgrounds to my blog! My neck muscles are killing me and my eyes are squint, but hey, I figured it out!

So now I have a whole new-look blog! Yay!

I discovered a cute new site yesterday called "Enchanted Studio Scraps" (ESS) - take a peek here. It is so cute- the whole theme is fairies & pixies. They haven't officially opened yet, as the store only opens on 15 January - but it's really worth a visit.

There are some really good challenges too - I did the desktop challenge called Charmer's Time Dance (click on the words for a direct link).

This is my January Computer Desktop using the template provided by Hutchie.

Well we're off to friends for dinner tonight- yay no cooking (or washing up!) for me. So I'll have to go get myself ready now... chat soon. Vxx

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Hayley said...

Hi Veronica, thanks for stopping by my blog. Found your blog a few weeks ago, and love it. I get very excited to find other SA blogs like yours.