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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

At this very moment, Leon is signing the documents to transfer Number 14 Olifants North into our name. So exciting! The kids are just as excited as we are. Shannon was so excited that she insisted on buying everything for her bedroom last weekend already. (Bearing in mind we've only ever seen the place once for about an hour and most of that time was spent out on the deck!)

Shannon has chosen orange (oh boy!??) for her room. Yip, bright sunshine orange! . I managed to tone the orange down with white bedlinen and two beige square ottomans. Even her bath towels are orange! At least it'll be bright and cheerful!

We have named each of the four bedrooms after a South African bird which is commonly found in the bushveld.
Shannon's bedroom will be called the "Gorgeous Bush-shrike" room because of the bright orange throat the bird has.
Reece opted for the "Little Bee-eater" room. So we've suitably chosen lime green as the accent colour in his room. I'll probably pair the green with a rich chocolate brown. His bathtowels are a neutral champagne colour. As yet we haven't purchased any other decor - so the cushions etc .will wait until we've had our first visit.

Our bedroom will be the "Woodlands Kingfisher" Room - with touches of blue-grey and the 4th bedroom will be the "Lilac-Breasted Roller" Room finished off with purple hues.

As with Reece's room, I will purchase all the other bedroom soft furnishings once we get back from our first visit. I am so looking forward to shopping for all the new goodies! We're probably going to redecorate the lounge too. We have a few ideas rolling around, but we can only finalise that once we've measured up the room to see what will fit.
This morning I went and stocked up on household essentials- cleaning stuff, herbs and spices, shower gels and liquid handsoaps etc for the bathrooms. At the moment the kitchen and guest bedroom look like we're a) moving house; b) starting a shop; or c) getting ready for Christmas!
It really has been so much fun planning and searching the stores for beautiful decor to compliment our little lodge in the bushveld. I'm planning on taking loads of photos of before and after as well as of the beautiful view and the fauna and flora. This is definitely going to be the start of a whole new way of life for us.
That's all for now until after we return from the long weekend....

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