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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lessons learnt...

lesson # 1
Blog more! (need I say more)

lesson #2
Scrapbook more. And, here's a new layout which I did, albeit a digital one, at least I've scrapped! I still have to find a good photo for my paper layout I've almost completed about Shannon's obsession with the colour Orange but hey, could that be lesson # 3?

lesson # 3
Finish your layouts you've started!

Paint more! I really need to get into the habit of painting more. As I forgot all my paints and brushes at Olifants, I had to go buy more and after spending close to R2000 on a new stock of paint & brushes I think I really need to get painting! I now have no excuse, here or at Olifants!

lesson # 5
Get kids to do homework really early in afternoon - or it simply doesn't get done! They seem to forget there is something called homework unless I get them to do it as soon as lunch is over. Otherwise come dinner time and we're trying to juggle homework and dinner and bathing etc.

Take more "everyday" photos. Lately all I seem to have are photos of our trips to Olifants. So I think I need to take the time to practise my photography more. i thin I'll start this Saturday with Reece's second cricket practise. he really seemed to enjoy it and is very enthusiastic!

lesson # 7
Make an effort to remember which "practise" or "practice" to use where - instead of just guessing!! I am reasonably good at spelling plus I have a bachelor's degree in English, so one would think that I would be able to remember!!

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