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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Poor Reece has been ill in bed since Monday. He started with a sore throat on Sunday, then got slightly worse by Monday, so I kept him at home. He then developed a cough and runny nose. This morning, his 3rd day at home, he had earache and then wammo - hives! He looked really weird! At first I thought - fleas!! So off came all the bedlinen and into the wash and new clean ones put on all the beds. But then the 'flea bites' got bigger, seemed to appear closer together and for weir welts. He was so itchy. His skin had red patches with raised welts and his face and neck were very red. Even his eyes swelled up and were red. Then he started shivering, only to tell me that he wasn't cold, he was scared! Poor liitl guy was really worried about himself!
I got hold of our friend, Piet, a Paediatrician, and he told me it's a reaction to sinus or the virus he has. So he gave me a prescription for 4 different meds he has to take. By this afternoon he was looking so much better and the hives were only visible on his legs a bit by this evening. Thank goodness that's over! Even I've been 'itching' all day from just looking at him!

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