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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Busy as a Bee

WW_HG_bug8b Yip that’s been me of late. We’ve almost come to the end of our HUGE painting job of our house. It has now been 4 weeks and they still have 3 rooms left inside to paint as well as my parent’s cottage. While they’ve been here I have felt like we’re camping in our own house and frankly living in a huge mess and it seems like forever. In fact, though, the painters have been more than professional and done an amazing job. So I am thankful for that. They have been here so long that they feel almost part of the family LOL!

Scaffolding outside my bathroom window:


Looking down onto the lounge {aka store room}which has been piled high with cushions, ornaments and paintings from other parts of the house:


The entrance hall, draped with cover sheets and scaffolding.

{You can see the lighter paint colour on the back wall vs the previous darker colour from before. I’m loving the brighter colour!} :



    Looking towards the entrance hall from the upstairs landing. The pillar still has the previous colour on it.


Shannon also started with exams this week, so I have to fetch her straight after her exam ends, which is normally between 10h30 and 11h00, so that disrupts my morning of washing curtains, clothes, and trying to move back into the completed rooms. We normally get back and after a bit of a break {read : playing SIMS}, I sit down with her {in the kitchen as her study is full of stuff from the guest bedroom} and try to help her study. I actually think I’d get an A if I had to go write her exams as I know the work better than she does!

I also have finally got Shannon in at Crawford College for next year. After much deliberating, we finally decided it would be worth the travelling and have enrolled her. After a tour of the school, an entrance exam and an interview, a deposit has now been paid and I must simply submit her forms on Monday – but she is in! At least she will now have the opportunity to take music as a subject and she could even do drama or French (amongst others), so she has a wider subject choice for High school- so pleased that’s finally done and dusted. Now I just have to sort Reece’s schooling out….decisions, decisions!!

I’m still busy getting everything done for our trip to Europe – two weeks to go !! Yay!! We still are getting our documents together for the visas – we need double of everything as we need a British and Spanish visa for each of us. {Where are the days we didn’t require visas for the UK!!?}. Today I must submit the UK visas online and also book Legoland tickets. We have promised Reece {aka Lego-boy} that we’ll spend a whole day in Legoland Windsor and I believe getting tickets online really saves time in queues.

Speaking of Reece- on top of all this, he has had flu this week and has been in bed for four days! It simply never ends.

So yesterday I decided it was time for a new digital layout and release some stored creativity. Here it is :


I enjoyed playing around with these photos and love the colours here. I think blue is now my official favourite colour!

So there’s my life in a nutshell at the moment. I love being busy, it keeps my head on straight, makes me feel complete and makes me happy. Though I have to admit I can’t wait to get the house back to some semblance of normality …                                            



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Bonnie said...

Hi Vee!
Oh what a gorgeous house you have!! love the staircase and chaneliar! Looks like a mission all that painting! eek! Love your scrap book page too! And the blog background! gorgeous! take care!