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Friday, July 23, 2010

A give-away….


Here’s  a fabulous give-away from Bonnie (Bouncing Bonbon). She has some awesome goodies. Pop over to her blog HERE to see what she has to offer.

I love all her digital stuff as well as her handmade goodies. So vintage & girly and pretty.


The offer ends today – so you must hurry up!!

It’s my son’s “International evening” at school tonight. He is so excited, (even though he won’t actually admit that). He talks constantly about it, keeps telling me where I need to sit to get the best view of his ‘performance’ and what he is wearing. Hopefully he’ll let me snap up some photos!

His grade are representing China, so he is wearing a Chinese outfit (haven’t seen it yet), but he says it is gold. He is playing music (symbols) with a few other boys, while others form the Chinese dragon & the girls are dancing.

It’s quite a fun evening. There are also food stalls with food from the countries represented by the 6 grades. So we get to buy dinner there too. Yay – no cooking for me tonight!

Hopefully I’ll have some photos to post here tomorrow!

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