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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spring Clean

In view of the fact that Spring is just around the corner here in the Southern hemisphere, I decided that I need to do some Spring cleaning. A little clich├ęd maybe, but heck I really need to do some Spring cleaning around the house!

Over the next week or so I will also be re-designing my blog and giving it a fresh new look to go with our wonderfully warmer Spring weather. My {really*messy} studio will be getting a Spring-clean too & I’ll be posting some pics of it soon.

Today I started by designing a blog button for Pixels & Paperie which has been long overdue. So now you can grab my button over in the column on the right and post it on your blog. {I say this with those big kitty-cat eyes from Shrek –LOL!}. Seriously, I’d love it if you’d display my blog button in your sidebar. And if you would like me to do the same, leave me a little reminder in the comments here and I’ll reciprocate gladly.

BUTTONSo here’s the new button! And from this you can maybe get {just a little} hint as to what the new design on my blog might look like…

Hope you have a great weekend. I’m off to do some Spring cleaning…….


Bonnie said...

Hey Vee,
can't wait to see the new blog look! I have also been spring cleaning, I think it's in our blood!! I do it every year! I like the little blog button too, will put in on mine soon!

Anonymous said...

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