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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wineglass lampshades (& free printables!)

Hi everyone,

I know I’ve been MIA for a while, but been busy busy! I’ve completed quite a few crafts, been oil painting like crazy and even got stuck into tidying up my (very messy) studio.

I recently discovered gorgeous wineglass lampshades in a local magazine. They are super easy to make and so cute when made up. They really add something so cute to a dinner table!



Cute huh? You like them? Well I have a little gift for you…

Three Printable wineglass lampshades!

Click on each of the images below to be redirected to a downloadable PDF document.


wineglass lampshade3  wineglass lampshade2 wineglass lampshade1

Instructions :

  1. Print out onto light-weight cardstock
  2. Cut out
  3. Glue the sides together to make the lampshade shape – make adjustments as you need to fit your wineglass.
  4. Now grab that glue gun and some trim (from a haberdashery store) and add a trim on the top and the bottom. Alternatively you can cut the edges with deckle (shaped) scissors just to zhoosh it up a bit. Personally, I find the trim just makes them look that little bit more professional.
  5. Now place a tea light candle into the wineglass and pop your shade on top!

Remember- you can add flowers (silk ones, crochet ones etc), beads, felt shapes, well just let your imagination run wild!!

Now off you go – make some of your own!

Before I go – the graphics are courtesy of Karen of The Graphics Fairy. Thanks Karen!

Oh, and do leave a comment! I would LOVE to hear from you and in return visit your blog!



♥Miette♥ said...

Tania is wonderful, thank you for these gifts.
I'll put a link to you, for my readers, they will love.

♥Miette♥ said...

Sorry I was wrong first name, Veronica, kisses

Veronica said...

:0) Pas de problème, Miette! Bisous xx

♥Miette♥ said...

Hello Veronica, a small article about your beautiful creations on my blog this morning.
Sweet kisses, Miette

♥Miette♥ said...

Re Hello Veronica, there is a problem with the download, it does not work, please keep us informed, kisses Miette

Veronica said...

Hi there- the problem with the links has been repaired - so go and download now! Enjoy!

Mélanie Décor' said...

Suite a l'article chez Miette je viens vous remerciez également.
c'est une super idée, merci du partage, bises.

justine said...

Bonjour, suite à l'article de Miette je vient voir ces belles créations merci beaucoup. Quelle bonne idée. Bises

do said...

Merci à L Miette et merci à vous pour ce partage , c'est superbe

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot to share with us these nice things.

Laurence said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely lampshades.

Anonymous said...

Hey V,they are stunning,thanks so much! Loving all the fun stuff on your blog these days....Bxx

josie b said...

MERCI Véronica for the printable "'s very nice!beautiful table with the glass and canddle!josie

Em said...

Hi Veronica, I just pop over her from Bonnie's blog, I'm taking part in her class too. can't wait! thank you so much for sharing the printable shades, and the brilliant idea.
I am organising a jazz evening for friends, in a hall and I wanted a cool, cheap, french inspired decoration for the tables, and this is just genius and perfect! I'm so glad I found your blog, if only for that idea! Thanks again,Emma

Laeriss said...

C'est une très jolie idée ! Merci pour ce partage... Bises de Provence ;-)

Anonymous said...

grace a miette j'ai découvert vos magnifique créations. bravo merci du partage.bises d'auvergne.gisèle

Patience d'Ange said...

Thank you for this beautiffull idee.
I will make somme for Christmas dinner.
Sory for my English,
Kiss from France

Anonymous said...

I was soooo looking for this idea for a wedding favor and was struggling to make the pattern so I am sooo grateful for your download --thanks you made my day!! Love your page Cindy in AZ

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! Just wondering if it's safe to place a tea light with the card stock around the glass? Pls reply if you can at luckyUNDERSCORErupaATyahooDOTcom

Rebecca said...

I just found your blog via the Graphic Fairy, and I think it's wonderful. This idea is SO great!

Ildiko said...

These are great thank you