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Friday, January 27, 2012

Update : Imagine the Impossibilities

If anyone is wondering what’s happened to my “Imagine the Possibilities” challenge for January - well …. 

My studio hasn’t got much further than moving a few things around and loads of planning. (I could have guessed that much!!) Shannon always says all I ever do is move the mess around. Smile with tongue out

My gallery wall – I bought a letter “H” for it yesterday which I am going to treat to some sort of paint or mixed media and I’ll add it to the wall. I also plan on putting my new ink portrait of Shannon on the wall and my next ink painting will be the same size, but of Reece this time, so I’ll have two new ‘family’ portraits for the gallery (Or as I fondly call it “The Hall of Horrors”).

Exercise - What did you say? Okay well, um… I actually started last week full of good intentions – I walked with my ipod & the sweet sounds of Adele  in my ears. I enjoyed it. I actually did. Amazingly! Then I had art class, rushing with kids, then followed by 3 days of a migraine. Monday I started feeling fluey (is that a word?). Friday. Still done nothing more as I have razor blades in my throat, a head cold on the way, which is very slow, but it’s obviously been on it’s way all week – bet it’ll properly arrive this weekend –ugh! I know- excuses! But I can't really do anything when I’m feeling yuck. So hopefully next week will improve. I have to!

So I guess in order to achieve my challenge, I have loads of work to do by Tuesday!! Eek – where did January go?

But you know, it’s okay. After listening to a few of Jeanne Oliver’s inspiring chats, I realise it is quite okay if you don’t manage everything and if everything isn’t perfect. It’s okay.

I have been practising my photography too by the way- here’s a couple of photos I took recently that I love! They are all straight out the camera and taken in our garden- no editing!!

The dandelions & windmill were taken on our pavement.








artistamyjo said...

Great photo's,hope you feel better soon.

Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...

I'm so impressed you're tackling such a plethora of things. I love Adele and hopefully she can inspire you to get back out there and keep walking. :) I look forward to seeing you all linked up on the 31st!

thistlewoodfarm said...

Progress....that's what we called what you accomplished....progress! I hope that you link up with us on Tuesday!


Bonnie said...

Hi Veronica.
For some reason, your rss feed wasn't showing the latest blog posts at all for 2012 so far! weird! anyway I see I haven't popped around for a while.
Love your photos! hope you are well!

Venus Blues Hideaway said...

Your site is very nice and I enjoyed reading "What you been up to" and can relate with what you wrote. I just recently remodeled my studio--girl, it was a travesty! I posted pictures of it on my blog. You are welcome to come by and take a peak. I also started following you.

Hope to get to know you better.

gkgirl said...

ahhhh...i could have written a very similar post!

but i'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well, and hope you are feeling better soon!