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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Can you say “Holidays”?

Yay! School holidays started today! I picked the kids up from school today at 11am and already felt a sense of relief.

4 weeks off bliss! No homework in the afternoons, no fetching & carrying to & from school (sometimes 3 or 4 times a day!), no school projects, just some pure fun! = HAPPY MOM!

This weekend is, of course, Easter. We’re at home, a quiet long weekend for us.

Tuesday we’re off to our little place of African heaven… The bushveld.

Hopefully we will see more of these beautiful prehistoric looking creatures…. I just love how this little baby is resting on his mommy’s back!


& this won’t happen again…(feb 2012)


the new, wider floodplain after the floods this summer…


Don’t you just love these faces?


You get the picture?

We’ll be back again after about a week, then we’ll relax at home until it’s my mom-in-law’s 80th birthday.

The whole family (the birthday girl + 5 kids + each of their spouses, + all 10 grandchildren= 21 in total) will be off for 3 days down to Umhlanga in Kwazulu Natal to a beautiful old hotel which was recently revamped …


I cannot wait to take photos of the beautiful lighthouse! (and I have to admit staying in such a gorgeous spot will be sublime!)


So this school holiday, we’ll have a bit of the bush and a bit of the beach – the best of both worlds – I can’t wait!



billy said...

What a lucky mum you are, have a lovely and fruitful holidays
Bonnes vacances
A bientôt

Bonnie said...

4 weeks??? you are so lucky!! Ours broke up the 23 March and go back this Tuesday, only a miserable 2.5 weeks!! It wasn't long enough! Enjoy your hols!!