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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Okay, so here I am trying to figure Blogger out. I have no clue as to how HTML works. It really is a case of me plodding along in the dark, typing in numbers and dots, brackets & bits and holding thumbs it doesn't all bomb out on me!

I decided I wanted a totally new look and here it is. My new blog - called Pixels & Paperie - my passion : Digital scrapbook product designing & then paper - photographs, acrylic painting (okay so that's not really paper), watercolours, making cards & crafts from paper- really just about anything creative.

The kids are finally engrossed in a movie, and hubby's coming home early from work as it's officially "Summer Holidays" so he takes it a bit easier now until they close for Christmas & New Year.

We'll have a good old fashioned South African braai for dinner- so easy coz I don't have much to do then - yay! Only need a sald, maybe some potatoes, and I'm done. Leon barbecues the meat and voila!

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