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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today's going to be a hot one again. Shannon's organized to go visit her cousin, Jessie-Leigh, this afternoon and Reece is also dying to get to a friend - so maybe if I get him sorted too, I can go get some shopping done. The dogs need a new doggie basket - they managed to destroy their's last night - they got sick in them from bones Leon gave them and the baskets simply aren't salvageable. (I actually have been looking for an excuse to get new ones!) That's the last time they get any bones too! I saw such a cute basket - a little wrought iron 'daybed' with a cushion- so pretty! And you get a matching doggy bowl set also on a little stand- perfect!

Looks like we're off for the weekend to my friend Valérie's farm in the Waterberg. Really looking forward to it- the kids love it- this year in May, they had such fun playing in the mud in the near-empty dam....

Such good clean fun! Shannon is already excited as her & Megane have become good friends.

I'm sure after all the rain we've had the kids will be swimming in the dam- not wallowing in it like a family of little warthogs.

I think I'm finally getting this blog thing sorted too. (Well not completely!) I managed to get it into 3 columns- yay! And I am starting to dress it up a bit now & make it look pretty & subsequently more interesting. I am now going to clean up my studio which has looked a mess since the day we moved into our house 3 years ago. Okay, not always this messy- but it has now got to a level where it needs some of those helpers from "Clean House" on the Style Network - know what I mean? Off to chase the cat off the fax machine- seems that's his favourite spot to sleep lately!

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