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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday already! Can't believe it. Shannon has her last singing lesson today for this year. She has to start working on her songs for her Intermediate exam - she needs to learn 7 songs to perform as well as heaps of theory.
I have to buy a doggie basket today! Went yesterday- but I'm fussy- I want soemthing cute, (& practical)! Will have to drive to Wetherleys. Okay- been to Wetherleys and two pet supply shops- nothing there we like! So it's back to shopping elsewhere now.
We're off tomorrow to Valérie's farm - two nights (or sleeps -as Reece would say). Lookign forward to relaxing and doing nothing! Actually not entirely true- I'm taking along my Christmas baubles that I bought at the Scrapbook Expo. They are clear plastic that come aprt in 2 halves. Then you add photos, decorations like glitter & beads, small little charms and such , and then finish it off with a ribbon. Will post a pic here soon.
Speaking of Christmas decor -I have some pics of our Christmas tree - I was playing around with my camera settings again.... Each year I go through the decision making process of where to stand the tree. First Christmas in the new house, it was in the entrance hall - which looked gorgeous as you enter in the front door, and you could see the lights through the panels of glass on the door as well as the large window - but the problem came when opening pressies on Christmas morning- we had to sit on the staircase as there are only 2 chairs in the entrance hall.

Then, last Christmas we placed it in the lounge - worked well, but I had to move furniture around a little for it to fit properly.
This year, I opted for the family/ bar / snooker room. I like it here as the colours in the room are warmer- (actually the idea for the decorating was to make it more 'masculine' because of the bar - hence the warmer colours).
So I think this is a winner. Also, there's more space and I didn't have to move furniture around. The pool-players may have to have a little tiff with the tinsel- but hey it's only for around a month LOL!

Here are a few of my favourite ornaments...

These little Santas- I picked up for a steal at the CNA around 6 years ago. The must stand at least 6 inches (15cm) tall & their arms and legs can bend into position - so you can get them to hug a branch, lie on a branch, or look like they're swinging from the tree like Tarzan. I can't remember how many I have, but there must be around 10 - I think I paid around R7.00 each at the time - which really was dirt cheap!

My mom gave me this apple (last year, I think). I love the chrystallized effect on it - so pretty.

I bought this little guy in Paris (where else would they have Santa climbing the Eiffel Tower?) Don't you think he is just too gorgeous! I had to have him- he is all of around 10-12cm tall and last year I paid around 9 euros for him- which was then around R90! Eek! (But so worth the memory!)

I need to continue sorting out my studio now, so I'll upload more ornament pics some other time. I probably will only get back here on Monday. Though I have tons to do then as we're having a wine-tasting at home on Monday evening. Our friend Steve, a real whiz at wine is hosting a tasting here at home for us. We've been wanting to have one for years, and finally we get to use our cellar for the purpose it was intended!


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{Candice} said...

Hi Veronica, lovely to see you over at my blog :o)
Your tree is so pretty & you've got a gorgeous collection of ornaments - j'adore le Santa de Paris!
Your blog is looking pretty too, I didn't realise how completely involved you are in digital scrapping these days, your kits are divine - so "you", I think I may just have to buy a few.

Veronica said...

Hi Malina, I've done your survey - hope it helps you out. xx

Hi Candice- thanks for popping in here. Ehy and if you want anything of mine- just shout(wink) - I can send you some!