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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The BIG day!

Yip, today is the Gauteng & Cape provincial finals for the Dros Kidz Superstar singing competition. As usual, I'm nervous, but I am far more excited. I am really looking forward to this afternoon. There are 37 kids taking part, so it's going to be tough to get through to the Nationals. Shannon is also looking forward to it - she seems to take it in her stride and I think my nerves (tho I try not to show them) drive her mad (I tend to fuss a lot!).
Shan is doubly thrilled as (1) she gets to leave school early today at 12h30 so we can pick up a revised backtrack from Lindy (her teacher) and run through the song again once more, and (2) she has got her Social Scieneces test moved to Tuesday next week- for her and for her faithful groupies, her friend M├ęgane and her cousin, Scott.

We need to be in Midrand at 15h00/ 15h30 as the competition starts at 16h00 - I guess they just have so many kids to get through that they need to start earlier. Gonna be a long day!
Here she is performing at the Menlyn final on Monday....

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Hayley said...

And how did it go?