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Friday, March 20, 2009

Shannon performed so well last night. Unfortunately she wasn't chosen to go through to the finals, but she did her best and sang her heart out. The competition was so tough, I'm glad I wasn't a judge! We realised when we got there that in fact these were the semi finals for the whole country- there were kids from all over, so I think getting into the semi finals was a great achievement on its own, effectively she was therefore in the top 39 country wide and there apparently were 3000 entries! So there's a proud mom here! Shannon is (understandably) disappointed, but after all, this was her first major competition and I think she has learned so much and her singing & performance have improved so much as a result.

Next Saturday is her singing school's concert and she has encouraged so many kids from school to also take lessons, so it'll be fun for her having her friends taking part too.

Back to real life again now- all the hype is over and we have only one week left of school till the kids break for the April holidays! Yay!! I'm so looking forward to our trip to Cape Town! We leave on 4 April, returning on 14th, the day before the kids go back to school for the 2nd semester. I plan to do and see as much as we can while we're there as well as spend at least a few of the days simply relaxing on the beach - weather permitting! Already, the Cape has had a taste of 2 cold fronts - hinting that Autumn is officially here and Winter is approaching.

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