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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Busy little bee here....

Yip that's why I haven't posted for AGES! I have decided that from next week I really need to get back to regular posting! Call it my 'new month resolution' - for May (let's hope it lasts until June LOL!

Been on away on holiday to Kommetjie in the Cape - what a beautiful spot! Haven't even downloaded the photos yet so really need to get cracking with that, then I'll share more of our holiday.

Celebrated my 40th, Reece's 8th birthday, Shannon's 12th birthday and Leon's 46th birthday all in the first few weeks of April. I was so spoilt on my birthday. Leon took the day off work and took me shopping at Jenna Clifford. Now let me explain... He does not like to buy me jewelry as he feels it is a waste of money. (I don't have the same opinion!) Being my 40th, I guess he decided to spoil me. So I even got to choose, as he said he didn't know what I would like. What a fantastic morning- had breakfast at Baobab at Menlyn Park, and then went to JC. I chose aa gorgeous pendant with Tanzanite and tiny diamonds, as well as matching earrings. Even the packaging was so beautiful! So spoilt!

Three days after getting back from holiday I had Reece and Shannon's birthday parties-on the same day! Fortunately Shannon only had 3 friends to sleep over in a 'campout' party. Reece had 15 friends over in the morning for his much anticipated 007 party. More about that once the pics have been downloaded.

I am now busy with the final arrangements for my 40th birthday party. I have decided to keep it small, but want something really nice. I wanted to go all out with the decor, but the events company I wanted to use wanted to charge me the equivalent of the cost of a new (way-too-expensive) Mac laptop I have my eye on (-nuff said). So I've gone with another hiring company and will be doing everything myself. Perhaps not as 'over the top' as the events company decor, but hey, it'll still look good.

Yesterday we had lunch at Kevin & Corne and Kevin volunteered to help set up a compilation of 80's music on Corné's laptop using their i-tunes. We tested it last night, and it works perfectly on our surround-sound in the Summerhouse where we'll have the party. So at least we're going to have an awesome 80's party! Yay!

Yesterday was also voting day. Leon had registered at our local area voting station. For the love of me I don't know why I didn't go when he did. So of course yesterday evening when we went to vote, I had to stand in a queue, where he just walked in, voted and walked out.
Then we discovered you could only vote using your ID book, no passports were accepted and I had brought my passport along. (duh!). Turned out I had my ID in my bag all along! Then they ran out of ballot papers and we decided then and there that we were not going to wait any longer. An hour in the Q already had been too long. So Leon voted and I didn't (first time ever that I didn't vote). He decided that it was ok - he voted at least - for both of us.

Tonight is the Grand opening of the new (very-long-awaited) school hall. And, I have nothing to wear. So I'm off very shortly to try hire something...
Chat soon.

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Hayley said...

Jenna Clifford....thats awesome!! Wow!!!

Congrats on all the birthdays!