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Monday, January 17, 2011

Manic Monday & Printable Subway Art

Hi there, been MIA for a bit again, but it’s been crazy trying to get the kids settled into their new schools. I’ve had to label everything – from erasers to their school socks!

Shannon also dumped a pile of books on the table this weekend for covering, so that took a while. Then Reece needed new cricket shoes… and so it goes on….

Today it’s raining AGAIN and a forecast for heavy rain later on in the day. Our lawn is squishy, our ducks are having a ball, rivers are flooding and the traffic is horrendous.. a Manic Monday! Oh and to top it off, my car was leaking coolant on Friday, so I took it in this morning to have it sorted out, and when I got to the garage, the car was steaming! Eek – hope no major damage! {sigh} Time for a new car….

I didn’t have to take the kids to school today as the “lift club” with a friend of mine ‘officially’ got off the ground today. She took all four kids to school, then will collect the girls at 14h30, I’ll pick up the boys at 16h30. Saves a lot of petrol and driving around. Bonus- I have time to sit down and blog a bit.

I’ve noticed a lot of subway art around ‘blogland’ over the last few months – Christmas ones, Thanksgiving ones, Birthday ones, and Valentine’s ones. I love that you can actually use the same frame and simply replace the seasonal subway art as needed.

So I decided to jump right in. I know there are loads of these, but I wanted to try it for myself and thought I’d share it anyway. I created a Valentine’s Day one of my own. I am hosting our book club later this month, so I’m going to run with a Valentine’s theme just for fun and I want to display my subway art in my dining room where we’ll have our breakfast.

Grab all of them or one of them – I’ve done it in 3 different looks.

Simply click on an image to download. Print it out onto A4 paper or cardstock, pop into an A4 frame and voilà!

Vintage :old valentines subway art Distressed & aged :vintage subway art

Brown paper :

earthy valentine subway art

If you have any problems with downloads, just send me a message so I can help you.

Have a great week!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for creating and making free your valentine's subway art.
I think you're very creative with all the fonts you chose to use.
Again, Thank you.

.:Heather:. said...

LOVE these printables! I featured them on my blog, Pinfluence {Pinterest Influence} here:

Liz C. said...

Thanks so much - love it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these. I printed one out and they are adorable. Thanks again,

JKclark said...

I printed and framed it. Perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. Not overly pink and red. THANKS!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much , Im a junky when it comes to printables....

Micupoftea~ said...

Yeah! Love it...TFS! :)
Off to make a cup of tea and play with my printable~

Kaitlyn Davis said...

Hello Veronica,

I am writing to you from Stylelist Home, the Huffington Post's new site devoted to design and DIY. We are putting together a slideshow about fabulous free Valentine's Day printables and would love to use your fantastic subway art! We'll give full attribution and credit to you, including link-outs to your site. Would this be okay? Please let us know!



(Please email me back at - thank you!)

Jo Kennedy said...

Love this subway art of yours. I am having trouble with the links and google docs wont come up. Can you help me with them?

Anonymous said...

I am having the same trouble as PP. I get a google docs error. Can you send me the vintage one at the top or assist me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Love your printables! However, I am also having an issue opening them. Could you send me the vintage one at

thank you!