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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day- stories to giggle at…

Shocking, I know! Yes I’ve been away from my blog for a while. Various reasons, but lately, no internet.

Here’s my little faulty internet story…… There were no ‘ADSL’ or ‘internet’ lights lit up on my modem. I reported it to our faithful “Telkom”, who sent someone out a few days after reporting the fault – yesterday in fact – yes on a Sunday afternoon!

Well the repairman was here for all of 5 minutes – when he pronounced it ‘working’. Huh? “What was wrong”, I asked. “Umm, the cable wasn’t plugged in at the wall properly”.

Again - “Huh?”. Yip, somehow the cable was not pushed fully into the socket in the wall! Next time I’ll check that first LOL!!

Well today is Valentine’s Day – hope you’re all having a love-ly day!

This morning my 9 year old son said to his dad:

“Dad this is the best Valentine’s Day ever!” “Why?,” he asked.

“Because I get to where ‘civvies’ to school and there are no girls at school!”

(Just to clarify, my son moved to a boys-only school this year and ‘civvies’ means they can dress in regular clothes- no uniform)



Bonnie said...

oops!! I can't say I haven't had a "not plugged in" moment either! So don't worry...happens to us all!

Veronica said...

Please excuse the typo - I hate spelling mistakes - and eeeeeek- I spelt 'wear' as 'where'!!!!