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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Perfect Lady…


This morning I was browsing the web and stumbled upon this site. : I love those cute retro images of typical 50’s style homely housewives. So fun!

Way back when, ladies seemed to need instructions … take a look:


{aka – how to be the ‘perfect princess?}


{Gotta love the ‘dead fish’ description of this photograph!}

proper-smoking{Don’t you just love the lady on the bottom right? – No wonder she needed instructions!!? LOL- }

Of course, nowadays these instructions would end with the disclaimer “Cigarettes are dangerous to your health!”

Hope you all had a giggle! Have a great day!




Bonnie said...

hee hee...that is funny! I love the hands thing...what on earth should one do with ones hands then??! ha ha!

Em said...

I love them!! I love the sitting pretty one. I must say I think some girls now should still be taught this, esp if they're wearing tiny skirts! I think it's still important to hold ones self with poise and grace, and a sense of elegance! and just be more ladylike...i think I was born in the wrong era!! haha!! but its funny how its not good form to cross you're legs in public basically!! haha!
Love the dead fish bit too!! hilarious!

AmberLee said...

no way. someone put a lot of thought into these! i agree with Em, I will be teaching my daughter about sitting pretty :)

your blog is lovely, btw.

Krafty Kat said...

Love this post! I love seeing how things have changed. Sometimes I wonder if it is always for the better! Thanks for commenting on my newspaper crown! I am your newest follower!