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Thursday, September 22, 2011

World Rhino Day

rhino day

Today is a day very close to my heart. We regularly go to the bush to enjoy seeing our beautiful natural African wildlife we are fortunate to have here in South Africa.

Not once have we been and not seen a rhino – often more than one. These beautiful pre-historic animals are protected in a reserve with very a aggressive anti-poaching system in place. They are, however, still targeted every day.

Almost everyday in South Africa, a rhino is murdered for its horn and the carcass left to the scavengers. Sometimes these poor animals are not even dead, they are left to suffer. That is the reality of rhino poaching. All for the greed of men, all to make money.

Today is International Rhino Day. Let’s save our rhino’s for our children and their children. Make sure we still have the “Big 5” in years to come, not just the “Big 4”. It won’t be the same will it?

Here are two anti-rhino poaching labels I made today using a label from the Graphics Fairy which I altered. Grab one or both, and display them on your blog to make more people aware of this terrible crime.




For more information on how to help make others aware, CLICK HERE


Have a great day!



Anonymous said...

I am so with you on this V, they have these cute bead bracelets at Exclusive books for only R30 to help raise money to save our RHINO's!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but you've misspelled the plural or rhino, which is rhinos -- no apostrophe.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the plural *OF* rhino.... (I can't blame this one on auto-correct!)