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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Digi friends

Happy Saturday! A little cooler here today, but it’s weekend nonetheless! Yay!

Here is my latest digistamp design. My last one for the “two legs, four legs or both” digi drawing challenge over at CDAC.


Thanks for popping in.

Enjoy your weekend!


4 comments: said...

Hi Veronica!

I'm not familiar with "digistamps" - did you DRAW those two kids on the stamp? Wow! I bet you have a ton of cool cards!

I also read your post on International Rhino Day - so sad. It's so amazing to me that you're way over there in South Africa, and you can regularly go "into the bush". I feel so fortunate that we have made a connection through blogging. So - greetings to you for a wonderful weekend - from way over here in Wisconsin where the wildest thing we have are bears in the northern part of our state! And thank you so much for your visits and comments! -Nan

Bonnie said...

wow that is a beautiful Digi stamp. Did you draw it? Have a great weekend!

Veronica said...

Hi, thanks for your comments. Yes, I did draw the stamp Bonnie & Nan. I had an old vintage pic as a reference but it was a little different to this one.
I can draw for hours and hours!
Nan, sometimes we forget how fortunate we are here to have wildlife close by for us to enjoy in their natural environment. I wouldn't mind seeing a bear in the wild too though!

Nan said...

You can really draw well, Veronica! Have you ever tried painting on canvases? You should give it a whirl - you are talented!

Thanks for the comment on the pillow - I just smiled when I saw your entry. We may live almost 9,000 miles away from each other, but I feel like I know you! It truly is amazing how blogging connects people from all over the world.

So, out of curiosity - how far do you have to drive to get to "the bush"? We're about 5 hours from true, Northern Wisconsin - but every once in awhile a black bear is seen around here. There was one up in someone's tree about a mile away from my house a while back! They had to shoot him with a tranquilizer gun and catch him in a net to take him back up north!

Take care, Veronica! So good to hear from you again!